Privacy Policy

Company name: Newlife Lettings

Registered address: Westmead House Farnborough Hampshire GU14 7LP

Contact email:

This privacy policy outlines how we collect and process data through this website.

Data is collected from the ‘Contact’ or ‘Property Enquiry’ forms of this website. The data collected includes but is not limited to; full name, email address, landline/mobile number and any other data submitted on this form. By completing this form, you are agreeing to us processing your data and contacting you directly. Where necessary this data may also be stored or shared with a third-party.

Google Analytics may be used on this website, which includes storing cookies on your computer. Google analytics is used to create marketing reports for us to track our audience behaviours, interests, and geographical locations.

This website may include links to third party websites & services. Data inputted in these third-party websites, are not under our control and therefore we have no responsibility for the data entered. Please ensure you consult the privacy policy on these third-party websites before using these external websites.

It is your right to withdraw consent to us processing your personal information and data at any time. Please note, it is not always possible to comply with your request due to specific legal reasons – if applicable, you will be notified of this upon your request. Withdraw your consent using the contact email address detailed above.

From time-to-time changes may be made to this privacy policy, please check frequently to see updates and changes made to this privacy policy.

Complaints about the use of your personal data, can be raised with us directly in writing by contacting us at the office address outlined above.

If you are not satisfied with how, we have handled the complaint about your personal data, you can raise your concern to the UK data protection regulator (Information Commissioner’s Office)